Peregrinations of a Citizen Botanist



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A Time Travelling Botanist from the 18th Century.
"Peregrinations of a Citizen Botanist" follows textile artist Susie Vickery as she assembles her crew and presents an exhibition on the 18th century explorations of French botanist Jacques-Julien Houtou de Labillardière. Central to this exhibition is a third scale puppet of his namesake and the charting of his travels along Australia’s South West coast. The film looks at the historical research behind the exhibition and presents a diverse array of costumes inspired by the local flora that he collected. On the voyage we meet Susie’s collaborators, milliner Susi Rigg, set builder Nathan Crotty, Aboriginal nature consultant Adellamay Ryder, and natural dye expert Holly Story. With their help, Susie charts an alternate history of 18th century fashion, one where Labillardière adapts to the landscape and learns more about the plants he collects and the lands he visits.


Directed by Emma Vickery

Produced by Susie Vickery

Cast Susie Vickery - Textile Artist
Susi Rigg - Milliner
Erica Persak - Kerry Stokes Collection
Adellamay Ryder - Langford Aboriginal Association
Holly Story - Natural Dyer
Nathan Crotty - Set Builder